We put together a wide range of complex skills

Since 1976 Busatto has remained true to the visions and intentions of its founder: never stop looking for inspiration, explore new directions and broaden the boundaries of design. The unique furniture of our production prioritize what is important for you.

Focus on details, materials, quality and services.

With Busatto you’re gonna have unlimited possibilities for challenging individual projects.

Our services include furniture, lighting, fabrics, wall coverings, carpets, art items and accessories to complete spaces of great scenic impact.

We support our customers with highly innovative projects through the access to the updated resources and the finest materials.

The interior design created by us is completely thought out and can easily adapt to any changes in society.


Busatto extends boundaries through experimental approach used in work with its clients.

Our design aims to accommodate and exceed the high demands of our customers.

Every time we successfully solve the complex balance between budget and result.


Specialists from various fields work during all the stages of a project.

From architectonic survey to the follow-up after delivery of the products, we guarantee specific professionalism in every step.

We satisfy aspirations and needs in an ethical and targeted way.


Life consists of days, daily experience deserves originality, passion and unicity.

Custom-made Italian know-how enriches life, step by step, day after day.

In Busatto the values of classic artisans are revised by offering new visions and new inspirations.

See, touch, feel

The sense of beauty for us is a journey into the world of design and life.

An exciting and extraordinary journey is waiting for you.

Request the catalogue now to preview the details of the collection and let yourself be inspired.

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